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Last Night’s Show: Supersuckers and Two Cow Garage at the Tractor

As one can expect at a Supersuckers show, the Tractor was full of flying fingers and horned hands, with a little extra positive energy thrown into the mix as Eddie and the boys played one last show before taking a break for Mr. Spaghetti to begin cancer treatments.   A not-so-gentle reminder: you can help he and his fantastic family RIGHT HERE. Do it, NOW. Please. Thank you!


The Supersuckers, with special guests Ed Vedder and Blind Marky Felchtone covered The Ramones’ “I Believe In Miracles” – the perfect song for such an auspicious night.  There was an actual encore, above and beyond the usual Supersuckers Rock and Roll Encore, during which Mr. Spaghetti played his cover of You Am I’s gorgeous “Heavy Heart”, before the whole band returned for a bittersweet singalong of “Killer Weed”.


The kickass Two Cow Garage returned to town to open the night and they set the mood perfectly. Here’s hoping they come back again for headlining set soon. Safe travels, gentlemen!


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