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December’s Here: My One Birthday and Christmas Wish

Joe Strummer photo by Bob Gruen

Photo by Bob Gruen

Happy December, my dear friends!

With the world events of the past several weeks, celebrating anything right now is uncomfortable at best. Maybe some of you are feeling something similar? I’m making a sincere request and hope you can help me, and in turn help some others who need us.

With my birthday and Christmas arriving this month, some of you may be planning to buy me a gift. First, thank you! That is incredibly kind.  May I ask that instead of buying me something, would you please donate that money instead?  Or, if you adore shopping, could you please donate what you’ve purchased to a cause that you love? Or, if you can, donate your time. Any of these would mean the world to me, and would help restore some of the magic to the season that I remember as a little kid.

All I ask is that you let me know where you donated, and tell me a story about why it is important to you – write, call, tell me in person, whatever works best for you.  In doing so, you’ll reaffirm that humans are generous, kind, optimistic, that we can and do still help each other. I need that reminder now more than ever; it would be a divine gift to receive, being able to read/hear/remember all those stories of generosity from you throughout the year to come.

I’m including links to some of my absolute favorite organizations below; feel free to help them, or pick a place you love and give them money or your time as a volunteer.  That could be a food bank, a pet rescue, a homelessness assistance group, a kids’ toy drive – anything that inspires you.  Any physical gifts I receive in person will be donated to a charity that needs them.

My love and eternal thanks to each and every one of you. I am beyond lucky to have you in my life. I do hope that if you’re free, you’ll come join me on my birthday December 16th at 8pm for a bite to eat or a fine adult beverage at Hotel Albatross and then later Hattie’s Hat in wonderful Ballard, WA.  (Contact me if you’d like more details on this.)

All my best,



Some of my favorite organizations:

Sweet Stuff Foundation – This is Josh Homme’s charity, with a special fund in remembrance of the victims of the attack at the Bataclan, to support their families.

White Center Food Bank – I am a vocal, longtime supporter of this food bank.

The Vera Project – Anyone who helps kids hear, learn about and work with music is a hero to me; I know the difference music makes.

Senior Services – They help senior citizens in every imaginable way, including transportation, activities, groceries and food for pets, home repair and much more.

Backstreet Cultural Museum – This museum preserves and teaches us about essential elements of New Orleans culture, including Mardi Gras Indians, social aid and pleasure clubs, and more. They’re having a tough year, so every little bit helps.

Furry Faces Foundation – This West Seattle group has helped more than a few friends and neighbors, and can always use your help to do more.

Planned Parenthood – Ensuring that men and women are able to get affordable, basic healthcare is essential to me.

The Good Samaritan Society in Fennimore, WI – The team at the Good Same took extraordinary care of my Nana through the past several years until her passing this fall. She loved them and help them for many years, and any money given would honor her, which would mean the world to me.







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