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Sunday Songs: Cigarettes and Coffee by Otis Redding


Today, as on countless other Sunday mornings, I’m listening to Mr. Otis Redding. The sheer life force of That Voice, buoyed and swung by Dunn, Jackson Jr. and Cropper is the closest to heaven on Earth that I believe exists.

“Coffee and Cigarettes” is my favorite Otis song, period.  I play it more often and feel it more deeply than any other. There’s something about spinning it on a Sunday morning that gives it a little extra weary glow and grit all at once.  It feels like 3am early on a Sunday morning, after a raucous Saturday night show, when the usual fun has been had and contentment sets in. There’s nothing post-show hazy about what’s felt here. It’s a crystal clear realization that satisfaction is simple:  I’ve got you, you’ve got me, we’ve got each other. That’s worth more than anything.  Being able to finally sit, doing things as simple as smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee together with that one particular person that you’ve been waiting to find for longer than you can remember, that’s the rare, valuable thing. There’s plenty of time for going out to swanky dinners, crazy parties, loud shows; together, alone, satisfied is a harder to do, but infinitely better.

When I’m feeling particularly lost or alone, this is the song that reminds what I should be keeping an eye out for; I’ll know I’ve found the right guy when it happens, because this song taught me exactly how that moment should feel. Thank you for the constant reminder, gentlemen.

I’m going to make some more coffee and flip the record. I hope your Sunday is gorgeous, and that you listen to all the songs that make you smile and shake your ass.  Share your own Sunday songs in the comments, will you? I’m always looking for new ones to add to my rotation.


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