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We’re here to help each other: holiday edition

Hello sweet ones,

(It’s been a chaotic few weeks here, and I’m just getting a chance to write this; my apologies. Thank you to everyone who has already sent a gift along; you are too kind and I appreciate you thinking of me.)

I am a lucky, lucky girl, with a fantastic family, friends I adore, a roof over my head and plenty of food to eat. So, as I’ve done last few years, I’m asking that anyone who is planning on buying me a birthday or Christmas present to please give food or money to their local food bank instead. There are too many people that need the most basic food items right now, and you could change their lives immeasurably by just giving a little bit. It would be the best gift you can possibly give me, in taking care of those around us.

Also, I’m reviving my Christmas ornament offer from last year: for every ornament you get for my tree before December 30, I will donate $10 to my local favorite, the White Center Food Bank, on top of my regular donation. Thanks to H. and S., who have already personally hung ornaments on the tree during trimming last weekend, we’re currently at $30. C’mon over, bring and ornaments and I’ll make you some food and drinks in return for your kindness and generosity.

Here’s hoping you’re side-stepping all the building holiday frenzy out there and just spending time with those you love the most – the rest is stuff and nonsense.


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Oh naked tree, oh naked tree: can you help?

Your assistance is cordially requested, in making this gorgeous tree a wee bit less naked:

This tree needs your help!

This Saturday, December 11, 2010, from 7pm onward, you are invited to my place in order to deck the halls — more specifically, my very first full-sized Christmas tree. There will be my mulled cider, baked goods, and perhaps a pot of my homemade gumbo to make things merry – along with fine adult libations, of course. At around 9:30pm, we’ll head across the street to the beach to greet the arrival of the Christmas ships at Alki Beach.

My only request: please bring an ornament to add to the tree. For every ornament you bring, I will donate $10 to the White Center Food Bank. This way, we’re helping one of my favorite causes through the busy holiday season, while adding cool ornaments to my tree that will remind me through the years of the excellent souls I know that gifted them. Plus, we’ll get to do the thing that means the most during the holidays – spending time together. It’s been such a hectic 6 months here, and I do hope to see you and have a chance to catch up.

Need more info? Drop me a note at RealLowVibe at gmail dot com, or contact me via Twitter – @RealLowVibe. Not in town or already have plans that night? Please think about donating a few dollars to the White Center Food Bank – every single penny improves a life.

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It’s a long way down the holiday road…

Truer words were never written.

And essential for long stretches on a road of any sort? An excellent soundtrack, of course.

Here’s one tune to start off the marathon journey to post-holiday peace – you take the high road, I’ll take the low road, and I’ll be at January 2nd afore ye.

Ladies and gentlemen… The Walkmen, performing their version of “Holiday Road,” courtesy of the A.V. Club’s Holiday Undercover series:

The Walkmen cover "Holiday Road" for the A.V. Club's Holiday Undercover series

The Walkmen cover "Holiday Road" for the A.V. Club's Holiday Undercover series

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