Oh naked tree, oh naked tree: can you help?

Your assistance is cordially requested, in making this gorgeous tree a wee bit less naked:

This tree needs your help!

This Saturday, December 11, 2010, from 7pm onward, you are invited to my place in order to deck the halls — more specifically, my very first full-sized Christmas tree. There will be my mulled cider, baked goods, and perhaps a pot of my homemade gumbo to make things merry – along with fine adult libations, of course. At around 9:30pm, we’ll head across the street to the beach to greet the arrival of the Christmas ships at Alki Beach.

My only request: please bring an ornament to add to the tree. For every ornament you bring, I will donate $10 to the White Center Food Bank. This way, we’re helping one of my favorite causes through the busy holiday season, while adding cool ornaments to my tree that will remind me through the years of the excellent souls I know that gifted them. Plus, we’ll get to do the thing that means the most during the holidays – spending time together. It’s been such a hectic 6 months here, and I do hope to see you and have a chance to catch up.

Need more info? Drop me a note at RealLowVibe at gmail dot com, or contact me via Twitter – @RealLowVibe. Not in town or already have plans that night? Please think about donating a few dollars to the White Center Food Bank – every single penny improves a life.


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