23 Years On, Still Grateful

Endless thanks to the good Samaritans, EMTs, nurses, doctors, and my hospital coworkers (hospital volunteering had unexpected perks that day) who took exceptional care of me 23 years ago today, when I was hit by a car coming home from school.

My most loving thanks to my mom, for supporting me, encouraging me and putting up with this cranky, upset teen through my recovery, and to my dad, as he sat there next to me in the ER during the most unpleasant parts of my treatment, and for being a quiet, strong hand to hold onto throughout everything. Though it was a horrible experience, my relationship with my parents was strengthened after that day’s events in the best ways possible.

Thank you to Dr. Holden, for stepping in and taking over my care at just the right moment, and well beyond it. Thank you to the football coaches who took this shaken girl under their care and created an impromptu physical therapy program that got me walking again weeks sooner than expected. Thank you to the friends that visited, entertained, encouraged, assisted and stood by me through the weeks that followed. Thank you to the neighbors and friends who supported my parents through what had to be a hellish experience – small towns can be insular, but they can also be immeasurably supportive.

Those of you who know me well are familiar with my firm belief that you should never lie about your age. This day forms the foundation that philosophy for me; not everyone is lucky enough to get another day, another month, another year. Luck was very much on my side that day – as were some amazing human beings to help my parents and I through it. Be grateful for every single day that you get.

Don’t waste a second.


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