"All the players in the band…can always find some number that we know"

The Walkmen recorded a Sun Studios Session (which may or may not air on a PBS station near you depending on their offerings), and was shocked to see that one of the horn players that answered their ad for a session player was none other than a Stax legend, Mr. Ben Cauley.

I’ve got to say, this girl is more than a little jealous of the gentlemen in The Walkmen.

Here’s a clip of “Canadian Girl” from the show, which gives you a taste of Mr. Cauley’s glorious trumpet sound on this breezy, sadly lovely song — enjoy!:

(A random observation: while yes, I do hear Orbison’s influence all over The Walkmen, this particular song has always felt more like Sam Cooke for me. It was true when the record first came out, and it was certainly true last week at Sasquatch. Anyone else have this experience?)


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