No march for me

So much for my day’s plans, damn it! I felt weird (weirder than normal, okay?) yesterday, and came home, ate dinner, took a bath and got warm and then went directly to bed as a result, thinking that would be the end of it. But nooooo, I wake up this morning with a lovely sinusy head cold, having just got over the airplane crud a few days ago. Sigh.

Anyway, even after lots of sleep, getting up and eating well, taking a hot shower and even downing some cold medicine (which I never do), there’s just no way I can drag myself out the door to take part in the Prop 8 march and rally. This is seriously not cool.

This reduces me to supporting my friends monetarily here instead of being there in person when it’s crucial, and that is endlessly frustrating for me. I can’t get any shots of the march and rally for them to remember it by, and can’t be there with them when they feel the support of the entire city wanting them to be able to live the exact same life any of us do. Or hell, maybe I just wanted to assuage my straight person’s guilt, something I’m beginning to believe really does exist.

Anyone who reads this and knows me personally knows my feelings on marriage itself — a convenient thing once a upon a time in history, but no longer necessary for most folks, or at least this girl. But, if I ever change my mind or meet just the right guy who makes me think I’d like to give it a go, as a straight person, I could do so nearly immediately. My friends, who I would have joined today at the march, are two gentlemen who have been together longer than any of my straight friends have. While they are not in a hurry to marry, they are fighting to at least have the right and the choice if they ever change their minds, and for anyone or any federal or state agency to deny them that is folly, at best, and criminal at worst. This is not about marriage, this is about civil rights.

That’s enough ranting from me today; it won’t change the fact that I can’t be there for support. That said, I can give money to help the cause. Maybe you missed the march yourself, or are just at a loss for how to help? You can drop some coin in the proper direction, as well. Times are tight, but even a $5 dollars will help at this point.

Donate to Equal Rights Washington by clicking here.


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