Is there anything that I could do…

Today is October 21st, and until a few minutes ago I had forgetten that fact, and what it means: five years ago today, we lost the excellent Mr. Elliott Smith.

How could I forget? Maybe it was just my memory being kind — part of me wants to forget the day anyway, to deny it, even after this much time has gone by.

In any case, it’s worth saying that he’s missed more than even his expansive imagination could ever have grasped.

It’s not a day to be sad. It’s a day to remember, and to enjoy what once was, and what continues on.

Here’s a show that might just do the trick.

Elliott Smith, Key Arena, December 9, 1998

And if you don’t already have Autumn de Wilde’s outstanding compilation book of Elliott pics, this might be the perfect day to go out and plunk down the change to get a copy of your own. It’s bittersweetly wonderful to browse through it, and see his face again.


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