Beaker Embraces the Internets

As many of you know, Beaker is one of my favorite gentlemen EVER. Polite, thoughtful, plain-spoken, concerned with the welfare of others, he’s a man of science with a mathematical mind, excellent hair, and he’s one hell of a musician, to boot.

Apparently, he’s decided to join the Internet Age, and has started his own YouTube channel — which proves that he is really is a Renaissance man for our time. While he has showcased his proclivities for his nightclub singing and dancing in the past, he’s now moved on to the classical music realm, with mixed results, I fear. I will say that he is fearless, willing to give his all for the enjoyment of his audience.

Anyhoo, do go visit him online, and check out his first home video. Dude is smoking hot. Literally.


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