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And fun was had by all

Just a quick shout-out to everyone in Flight to Mars, Shadow (and Kim and Duff), Feral Children and Kristen Ward and band — thanks for a highly enjoyable night last evening.

Flight to Mars were amazing, as always, and made me even more excited for this week’s actual UFO show (5/7 at El Corazon, tickets are still available at the venue and on TicketsWest), and RockTim took excellent care of my guitar, so all turned out well.

After years of hearing all the stories, I *finally* got to see Shadow perform, and it exceeded every possible expectation I had, and more. Many thanks to the Bros. Friel and Messrs. McCready and McKagan for including some Ramones and Stooges. Could you all play again soon, please? And while you’re at it, is there any way to get at least one more Jodie Watts show? PLEASE? I could be induced to provide the Guinness and pizza to make it happen.

But best of all, a tremendous amount of money and awareness were raised for an excellent cause last night, and you all should be very proud of donating your time and talent to help. I’m damned proud to know you all.

Sorry, dear readers, but last night was a strictly no camera event for this girl, so no photos to share — do a search, there are more than enough out there already today. It was a night for me to be able to hang out with my friends, catch up with folks I haven’t seen in ages, celebrate another friend’s birthday and christening into Seattle showgoing, and to enjoy some excellent frosty libations with all of the above. My only regret? Not being able to ply Sir Jesus Honeymeister with his signature liquour. I owe you one, sir.

I’m running out the door to catch the Vetiver show (tonight at the High Dive, tix are still available for this, too), but I should have some of my photo backlog cleared and posted in the next few days, including surfers, bouncy places, and a prison at night.


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Live from London: The Gutter Twins Live on Later…With Jules Holland

These were recorded earlier this week, and aired Tuesday and Friday in the UK. (Note to satellite providers: can someone PLEASE get us this show live as it airs? I mean, BBC America is nice and all, but has no live, timely Jules Holland airings.)

Has it only been a few months since the first show? Safe and speedy travels home, guys…

Idle Hands:

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