A little too quiet

[Currently listening to: Era Vulgaris – Queens of the Stone Age]

So, I’ve been kinda quiet lately, I know. I’d apologize, but frankly, I don’t feel too badly about it.

After attending an astoundingly fun show last night (The Cops and Tall Birds – any way that you guys can play every night for….well, forever?), I’m finally starting to feel like I’m back in a good place, and am taking life as it comes.

Work’s been busy, I’ve been heading to 3-4 shows a week (at least), the Seattle International Film Festival is ongoing, I’m hitting the road in July and beginning to pull together the details, my jaw is still adjusting to being -4 wisdom teeth and all that it entails, and I’m enjoying just being able to be out of the house and into the world once again.

To those of you I’ve not seen yet, I do truly apologize. Whether you’re thousands of miles away or just across town, do know that I want to catch up with you all, whether by e-mail, phone, text, or hopefully, in person. I’m doing my best, but there’s a hell of a lot of you, and I adore each and everyone of you, especially the part of how beautiful and patient you are.

One note: it looks like I’ll be sticking around Seattle for the 4th of July and am contemplating another Tiki Beach Party — anyone interested? Drop me a note or a comment, let me know.

A few recommendations from me for this week:

1.) If you’re in Seattle: Check out the remaining Noise for the Needy shows this weekend, which have been fantastic. Thee Emergency are playing tonight at the Comet, and Common Market plays tomorrow at Neumo’s; both guarantee you plenty of noisy fun, and plenty of beer. Also, you’ll be giving money to a good cause, which, it has been recently discovered, activates pleasure responses in cells in the brain similar to that achieved during sex. I kid you not.

2.) If you’re in the UK or near select US film fests: Go see Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten. Just go. NOW. You’ll kick yourself later if you don’t. Or hell, maybe you enjoying kicking yourself, in which case, have at it. US folks, be patient; it will be released here later this fall. I’ve seen it twice now, and am still processing it, so can’t really articulate what it means to me quite yet.

3.) If you’re anywhere, and alive and kicking next Tuesday, June 12: Get thee to your favorite local independent record store and grab Bayani by the Blue Scholars, righteous MassLine Media guys extraordinaire, and Era Vulgaris by the sweet boys in Queens of the Stone Age, who have given me the soundtrack for all of my summertime Tilt-A-Whirling needs. Both are intricate, authentic, and creative records, and I can’t recommend them highly enough — there just aren’t adequate words to do so.


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