my quiet week

my week

This is pretty much what I’ve been seeing for the past few days and will be seeing for the next several days.

As the bottles hint at, I had surgery last Thursday, and have been completely out of it on the various drugs contained within said bottles since that time, with today being the first day that I’ve been coherent enough to do things like reading, typing, standing for more than a minute, etc. I wanted to post a quick note here to let you all know that I’ve not forgotten about you, dear readers, but that I’m not in the best shape to be posting right now. Also, I want to restate the already obvious fact that my friends, they ROCK. They’ve schlepped me half-concious from the oral surgeon’s office, prepared smooth, lukewarm food for me, made sure I don’t tumble over and do take my meds in a timely manner (even at 3 in the morning on a weekday), and yelled at me enough that it finally sunk into my thick skull that I needed to stay still and seated/reclined, brought me funny cards and gifts, and generally help ed me remain calm and slightly less scared before, during and after the surgery itself. I’ve told them all individually, but I just wanted to post it here for the world to reiterate that my friends are the best ever. And that if there are blackmail photos of me completely out of it, they should definitely come to me first before releasing them to the world, as I’m willing to pay top dollar to keep them hidden.

If you’re in the area and bored this week, you’re welcome to stop by and mock me in all of my druggy, unable to speak, be-chipmunk cheeked, drooly glory. I mean hell, when are you going to get that chance again? My friends seem to have a Wii tournament going, and I’m sure you can get on that action, as well.

Once I’m feeling less schmoopy, I’m sure you’ll hear from me here again. Or, the drugs will completely take over and I’ll end up online posting completely incoherent, incredibly embarrassing revelations that would surely be much more interesting to you all than my usual, tame pablum anyway.

Mmmm, pablum…

Must run, have a meeting with my new friend Mr. Oxycodone now. I’ll leave the computer on and nearby, and we’ll see what happens….


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