Monday again?


It’s one of those Mondays that bother me the most. I spent the weekend at several rock shows (8 different bands, I believe?), and I think it’s only fair to declare that rock ‘n’ roll spring training is over, and the season of rock has officially begun. It was fantasic to hang out with people I haven’t seen in ages, catch up with bands who’ve been in the studio and play all new songs in their first shows in awhile, and grab late night eats with friends once they’ve loaded out their gear and still need to wind down from playing. It’s the life I love, the only one I really understand.

The problem with such a fantastic music-filled weekend? The Monday after. No, it’s not because I’m tired or hung over, but because now, on Monday? No shows. Nada. Just back at work, sitting at my desk. My body and my mind adjust to show life so quickly, and it seems tremendously unfair come Monday, when it’s all just *gone*. No bass shaking my internal organs. No guitars to covet. No new songs that you’ve never heard before intriguing me. Nope, none of it. Today, I have to rely on my iPod and what lands in my inbox to keep me sane.

On that note, some live Twilight Singers footage from last Pukkelpop. Goddamnit, I miss these guys…

(Thanks to Scott Ford for pointing this out, as it’s just saving my ass today.)


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