So, I’m listening to Jonesy’s Jukebox online, where Steve Jones (yes, the ex-Sex Pistol) is conducting his daily radio show live from SXSW (http://www.indie1031.fm/)

He’s interviewing the Stooges, and who walks in, arriving early for his interview?

Pete Townshend.

He joins in, so that it’s Steve Jones, Iggy Pop, Ron Asheton, Scott Asheton, and Pete Townshend discussing music, and touring, and the mechanics of guitar playing and how they physically experience music while playing it onstage. They’re interviewing each other, talking about the evolution of rock. The Stooges are absolutely thrilled to meet Pete, and Pete says that he’s so very honored to finally meet them, as he’s always wanted to do. They’re all recounting seeing each others bands live for the first time.

Ron sums it up best of all, when he says to Pete, “Thank you. With out you being you, I wouldn’t be me.”

This is unreal.

Update: Brain….melting….
The interview with Pete alone (over an hour) was absolutely amazing. He talked more openly about Keith, and about his own past, then I’ve ever heard.

Then, in walks The Good, the Bad and the Queen, and so now it’s Pete and Paul Simonon, Damon Albarn and Steve Jones, and now they’re all talking about football. Absolutely damn lovely…


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