set the bricks loose…

My iPod is in quite the mood today — latest three in a row on shuffle:

Barstool Blues — Neil Young

So I Am Over You – Pete Droge

Here Comes a Regular – The Replacements

Really, I guess it’s me that’s in the mood, and my iPod’s just picking up on it. How the hell does this little white piece of plastic know that I’m restless, and contemplative, and melancholy, and thirsty? Creepy, and somehow comforting, all at once.

If anyone is reading this anywhere near Hattie’s right now, go have a drink for me, will you?


Okay, now I *know* my iPod’s a creepily empathic little scrap of plastic. The most recent tunes while on shuffle:

Hot Burrito #1 – cover by Elvis Costello and the Attractions from the New Year’s Eve ’81 boot

Viva Le High – Goodness

Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down – Gram Parsons

Let Me Go Lover – Dean Martin

Just About Glad – Elvis Costello, again

If I Only Had a Heart – cover by the Afghan Whigs from a ’96 boot

This little music machine is breaking my already-a-pin-cushion of a heart, and now I’m beginning to think the thing may have quietly developed a serious drinking problem, which seems to be drowning all of the punk/metal/glam/funk/soul in its wee electronic brain.

Time for an intervention…


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