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Say it ain’t so!

(photo courtesy of the Village Voice)

It looks like Dead Moon might be calling it a day:

I hope to hell this isn’t true.


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The rest of the story: Illuminating the GnR kerfuffle

I wasn’t really going to say much about the EODM/GnR news of late for a variety of reasons. I’d had a bad feeling about the tour from the beginning, so getting the update the morning after the first show that EODM played one and were done was not a surprise, nor did I blame the sweetheart EODM fellows for a split second (especially since they’d be wise enough to have it contracted that they’d be paid whether or not the shows were played).

That said, an entertaining piece of video just arrived, and so I could no longer resist saying a small something.

A *tremendous* thank you to the boys of Buddyhead for being the reporters first on the scene, scoring the best in-depth interview with Jesse “The Devil” Hughes regarding the whole Guns ‘n’ Roses kerfuffle. Enjoy!

(video courtesy of Buddyhead)

P.S. The new EODM will be “stylus interruptus” and “sonic fellatio”? Brilliant!

P.P.S. I think I broke my ears trying to hear the lovely QOTSA sounds eminating from the studio as they frost their album. Mmmmm, tasty.

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