Goodnight, Dead Moon

Well, it looks like it is true — Dead Moon has broken up, confirming it via this statement:

Sub Pop statement

I really can’t put my thoughts properly into words right now; I had a few days’ head start to mull over this news, but in reality, Dead Moon and their music are intertwined with so many specific people and venues and events, both personal and very public, that for me to spill it all out here seems overwhelming, and frankly unimportant, at this moment (C. nails it best, anyway). I will say that “It’s Okay” is taking on yet another meaning as it blasts through the speakers tonight, but it still sounds fantastic, as always.

Thanks for the crazy, loud, tireless, beer-soaked, feverishly fun memories. Here’s a Rainier to you (since an ice-cold Oly just isn’t possible any more); the Northwest seems far too quiet already.


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