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James Brown: 1933-2006

The Godfather of Soul has moved on to another venue, a different show.

It seems impossible, somehow, as James was one of those performers who really had begun to feel immortal.

Read James Brown’s obituary here

All the sweet sounds live on, sir… I’m digging out the vinyl now.


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paper cuts, lemon ginger cookies and crappy football

That’s what my Christmas Eve has consisted of, so far. Paper cuts from wrapping, lemon ginger cookies courtesy of Shaley, and crappy football courtesy of the Seahawks — the one touchdown they’ve managed just called back for holding. Hey, at least I got to see James Lofton, who’s now the receivers coach for the Chargers, and apparently, he can still catch a ball, because Hasselback threw one directly to him on the sidelines a bit ago. Perhaps he could show the Seattle receivers corps how it’s done? And did no one else want to buy ad time on CBS today but Viagra? Wow, folks, have fun explaining “painful erections” to your kids as you sit around the TV watching the game, preparing milk and cookies for Santa.

Anyway, it’s been a quiet, nice day so far. We’re all getting together at Shaley’s this evening after she gets back from the game, to hang out and eat, drink and be merry. Chocolate cherry martinis anyone? Then tomorrow, it’s off to play reindeer for Santa and help him distribute gifts at the hospital. Can you tell I’m trying really hard to to be Christmasy this year? It’s not so easy to do, when your family’s far away, but it’s fantastic to have the chance to be with my adopted family here, and to make things even ever-so-slightly better for someone else.

I’m signing off now, to go spend some quality time with Wii, Rayman’s Raving Rabbids and some tremendously loud music.

The happiest of Christmas Eves to you and all of yours…from me, and all of mine.


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Thinking of Joe…

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Benefit show tomorrow @ El Corazon in memory of Kate Fleming

My friend Burke Thomas is putting together a show for tomorrow night to honor the memory of and raise funds for the funeral expenses of his friend Kate Fleming, an actress, vocal artist and producer, who passed away in last week’s massive storm here in Seattle as she tried to save her home recording studio from the overpowering flood water. You can get a sense of her work and life here: Cedar House Audio

Please do stop by El Corazon early tomorrow evening, before all of your last-minute shopping and party rounds, and drop some coin to listen to some fantastic local bands, and to benefit the family of a woman who definitely made an impact.

Here are the details:

El Corazon all ages + bar with I.D.
-Friday Dec 22nd-
Northwest presents…
,,,In memory of Kate Fleming.,,,,,


cost – $7.00
Show at 5:00 sharp
doors at 4:30

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Twilight Singers live on World Cafe shortly

A public service announcement with soul:

The Twilight Singers are on World Cafe today, and I can’t recommendly strongly enough that you give it a listen.

NPR’s World Cafe audio archive of the show

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But you know, I know when it’s a dream

It’s been a simple, lovely birthday.

I received my absolute favorite 45 that my mom handed down to me as a kid, which I played over and over and over again in my room. I immediately popped it onto the turntable, and every pop and hiss that I remembered is still there, in the exact same spot. Frankly, the song doesn’t sound right to me on CD, as the scratches specific to this copy are part of the song in my mind. I’d been listening to this song a lot in the past week and thinking a great deal about it and its influence on my musical tastes overall, so it was amazing to be reunited with this old friend again today.


And apparently, there’s one hell of a florist on the other side:


Thanks Mr. Martin, wherever you are. Your taste is impeccable.

Thanks to all for your kind wishes!

Off to dig through the record shelves, see what else sounds good today; eyeing up After the Gold Rush, a few of the Dean Martin (hey, it’s the least I can do, with the flowers and all) and Wilson Pickett records that I haven’t spun yet, and maybe David Johansen’s self-titled (Frenchette is calling me.)

And if anyone’s in Ballard tonight, stop by the Sunset for a beverage and the London Calling cover night, where folks from an assortment of different bands are going to cover the Clash classic from start to finish, in order. It sounds like the perfect, low-key birthday to me…

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Thank you, sir

You will be missed.

Ahmet Ertegun Dies, Age 83

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Cheap Trick, live and acoustic on World Cafe

Just found out that Cheap Trick’s live on NPR’s World Cafe today:

Listen here

The music’s good, but the interview portion is classic.

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Goodnight, Dead Moon

Well, it looks like it is true — Dead Moon has broken up, confirming it via this statement:

Sub Pop statement

I really can’t put my thoughts properly into words right now; I had a few days’ head start to mull over this news, but in reality, Dead Moon and their music are intertwined with so many specific people and venues and events, both personal and very public, that for me to spill it all out here seems overwhelming, and frankly unimportant, at this moment (C. nails it best, anyway). I will say that “It’s Okay” is taking on yet another meaning as it blasts through the speakers tonight, but it still sounds fantastic, as always.

Thanks for the crazy, loud, tireless, beer-soaked, feverishly fun memories. Here’s a Rainier to you (since an ice-cold Oly just isn’t possible any more); the Northwest seems far too quiet already.

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Wishing you well

Keeping Mr. Ertegun in mind; hoping for the best despite the odds.

He offered me so many opportunities to hear music that would otherwise have slipped by, that saying the all-too-simple “thank you” doesn’t seem nearly enough.

Thank you, a million times over.

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