Baby, it’s cold outside


…and when it’s this cold in Seattle, we do get snow like anywhere below 32F, though usually it waits until January to happen.

For those of you who called from the proper snow climates to taunt me when you saw it on national television….bite me. I’m sending some of the local newscasts, so you can see the hilarity that ensues when a few inches of snow hit – it’s called a “snow event” by weather folks here. Don’t ask me, I don’t know. Makes it sound like a fashion show or the launch of a new car something, doesn’t it?

For those of you who didn’t see the frozen rain on the tee vee, here are a few shots to satisfy your curiousity. Note: since I’m across the street from the beach, there’s just not as much snow as there is downtown or even just up Admiral, according my California Ave. correspondent. I’m totally fine with that, and just add it to the positive list of reasons I live where I do.

Me? Besides a quick jaunt outside at halftime to take these shots and to throw the ceremonial first snowball of the season, I hung inside with my football homies, both in person and on the phone. I’m not stupid — I left this stuff behind for good when I moved out here, and have no patience for freezing my ass off in sub-par, wet, evaporating snow — it’s called slush. Now later tonight and tomorrow with the ice? That’s a whole other matter.


Off to heat up some of the Thanksgiving cider and dream of a certain place in Joshua Tree circa May or June. Mmmmmm, hot rocks……


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