Visiting Alcatraz, and New Addiction to TheraFlu Warming


So, besides being my usual lameass self, the posting of these photos actually got delayed after I succumbed to the hellish plague that was floating around work. After a week, I’m finally feeling okay to things other than focusing on remaining alive, so I’ve pulled this set together and posted them.


The whole set can be seen by following the link below:

Images from Alcatraz

More from the SF trip later, probably tomorrow.

P.S. A brief note to declare my new, undying love for TheraFlu Warming Relief. While I normally avoid any and all cold medicines because they seem to keep you sick longer, this stuff is miraculous. Not only did it allow me to do such exciting things as breathing and sleeping, it also provided some highly enjoyable hallucinations, like the Democrats taking control of the legislative branch, and Donald Rumsfeld resigning. Aren’t those great dreams to have?
So, as a result, I’m going to keep taking the TheraFlu Warming Relief, even after the cold’s gone, just to continue to live in this happy, fuzzy, lovey world. Any drug that makes me imagine that Democrats have power and that Rumsfeld can be fired is one I’m willing to take for the rest of my life.


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