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Happy Holidays from Billy Idol (yes, you read that correctly)

Be afraid, be very afraid:

(Image courtesy:

And you can check out Mr. Idol practicing his best (?) spiky-haired Sinatra impression, both in audio and video on his MySpace page here:

This surely looks like a concerted effort to take the number one spot on the UK Christmas singles chart….might be worth putting a bit of money down on, if I endorsed such childish, illegal folly.

Does Mr. Idol harbor a secret desire to be the new Billy Mack?


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Snowpocalypse Now: Redux


Yup, snowing again. The excited gleam in the eyes of the newscasters has replaced the fear there earlier this evening, as they despaired of any dangerous snow event-related mayhem to report in an effort to terrorize the snow-novice public.

While, as many of you know, I’m not a great fan of snow, having experienced more than my share in earlier years, this is my favorite kind: shreds of cotton candy falling from the sky, and it’s not bitterly cold outside anymore. Soon, the snow will turn into…rain.

After a bit of bemittened snowball throwing (it’s perfect packing snow), I’m back inside, waiting for the fresh peach pie I’ve just pulled from the oven to cool to a comfortable eating state.

Not so bad a winter plan, no?

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Baby, it’s cold outside


…and when it’s this cold in Seattle, we do get snow like anywhere below 32F, though usually it waits until January to happen.

For those of you who called from the proper snow climates to taunt me when you saw it on national television….bite me. I’m sending some of the local newscasts, so you can see the hilarity that ensues when a few inches of snow hit – it’s called a “snow event” by weather folks here. Don’t ask me, I don’t know. Makes it sound like a fashion show or the launch of a new car something, doesn’t it?

For those of you who didn’t see the frozen rain on the tee vee, here are a few shots to satisfy your curiousity. Note: since I’m across the street from the beach, there’s just not as much snow as there is downtown or even just up Admiral, according my California Ave. correspondent. I’m totally fine with that, and just add it to the positive list of reasons I live where I do.

Me? Besides a quick jaunt outside at halftime to take these shots and to throw the ceremonial first snowball of the season, I hung inside with my football homies, both in person and on the phone. I’m not stupid — I left this stuff behind for good when I moved out here, and have no patience for freezing my ass off in sub-par, wet, evaporating snow — it’s called slush. Now later tonight and tomorrow with the ice? That’s a whole other matter.


Off to heat up some of the Thanksgiving cider and dream of a certain place in Joshua Tree circa May or June. Mmmmmm, hot rocks……

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1026 Conti for sale

If I had $1 million, I’d be buying 1026 Conti in heartbeat:

See the listing here

It would make it the best damned rock hotel, small venue and recording studio in the world.

Anyone want to help?

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A public service announcement with glitter

Just a wee friendly reminder: get your sweet asses out to see the New York Dolls, who will be in a club in your town very soon. Yes, that’s what I said — New York Dolls, club show. Believe me, I never thought I’d be saying those two things in the same sentence, and in the future tense.

They played here last night at El Corazon (sorry, but it will always be the Off Ramp to me). It was, without a doubt, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, in every single way imaginable.

A few shots here.

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A show for the ages

The New York Dolls in a small club — one hell of a raucous night, and one that I never dreamt I’d experience. Absolutely one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Period.


The whole set is here.

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Visiting Alcatraz, and New Addiction to TheraFlu Warming


So, besides being my usual lameass self, the posting of these photos actually got delayed after I succumbed to the hellish plague that was floating around work. After a week, I’m finally feeling okay to things other than focusing on remaining alive, so I’ve pulled this set together and posted them.


The whole set can be seen by following the link below:

Images from Alcatraz

More from the SF trip later, probably tomorrow.

P.S. A brief note to declare my new, undying love for TheraFlu Warming Relief. While I normally avoid any and all cold medicines because they seem to keep you sick longer, this stuff is miraculous. Not only did it allow me to do such exciting things as breathing and sleeping, it also provided some highly enjoyable hallucinations, like the Democrats taking control of the legislative branch, and Donald Rumsfeld resigning. Aren’t those great dreams to have?
So, as a result, I’m going to keep taking the TheraFlu Warming Relief, even after the cold’s gone, just to continue to live in this happy, fuzzy, lovey world. Any drug that makes me imagine that Democrats have power and that Rumsfeld can be fired is one I’m willing to take for the rest of my life.

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About damn time

Rumsfeld resigns. May he now take the time to contemplate the lives wasted and ruined by his arrogance and wrong-mindedness, and try to make some sort of amends.

Photo credit: Jason Reed/Reuters

You know, I’ve been on some powerful medicine for my cold during the past 24 hours, and I’ve had the most fantastic dreams, including the Democrats taking back the House, Rumsfeld resigning. If these truly are only dreams, I don’t want to wake up, and will continue self-medicating for the rest of my life.

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