Excellent news regarding Exploding Hearts retrospective

Somehow, it’s been three years since we lost 3 of the four members of Exploding Hearts. Why does it seem like it’s only been a few weeks? I admit to thinking of them more than once while driving that stretch of I-5 recently. Very much missed…

In a welcome bit of happy news, Dirtnap Records has announced that it will finally be releasing Guitar Romantic on vinyl, as well as the 16 track CD called “Shattered”, which will include rare tracks, demos, and alternate takes and other unreleased songs, not to mention an in-depth 20 page booklet, and film footage from their last show at the Bottom of the Hill. All the details can be found on the Dirtnap site here:


…and in a Pitchfork article here:


Also, do check out Terry Six’s new band, Nice Boys, here:



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