Five hours left to Joshua Tree…

After some spectacularly bizarre games of 20 Questions, speedboats flipped on the interstate, a mysterious vortex, some very disenchanted waitresses, and some seriously silly conversations, we’ve just arrived in Coalinga, California. Can I give a shout out to the fabulous Best Western chain, who provide free wireless internet at each and every one of their hotels?

We’re tired, but we’re having an honestly terrific time. Making decent progress with little trouble of any sort, and have seen some great sights. The oddest, but surely today’s highlight, would have to be…The House of Mystery, a natural vortex that skews visual and physical perception due to altered fields. Eh, that’s not totally right, but look it up on Google if you want the gory details. Here’s a photo of our trusty tour guide Alex, as he demostrates a broom standing completely in its own in the middle of The House of Mystery:


Today was our long driving day, so not that much in the way of sightseeing — mostly confined to the car, saving the rest of the world from our obnoxiousness. However, we saw some beautiful views along the way, and even took the time to take some photos. Here’s all of us, in front of Mt. Shasta:


Off to bed for a few hours, before the final 5 hour push tomorrow. I can hardly believe I’ll be in Joshua Tree tomorrow afternoon….



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