In Seattle July 5th? Free screening of a Strummer documentary

If you know me, you know that I still miss Joe Strummer every single damn day.

When I heard that Dick Rude was compiling his footage of Joe and the Mescaleros last tour, I was pleased to hear it, knowing that he’d catch things that other folks might not. When it was announced that this footage turned film would debut at Tribeca and it conflicted with another festival I was being sent to, I sent my trusty JG over to check it out and report back, knowing she’d get the scoop. When the film finally got picked up for DVD distribution, I literally cheered. When the release date was set, I pre-ordered immediately. But when the DVD arrived the other day, I just sat and looked at it, and I still have not been able to open it. Why? Because I still struggle to believe, deep down in the core of me, that Joe Strummer doesn’t walk this earth anymore, and watching that film sitting there alone on my couch, just feels wrong…

Imagine my excitement, then, when I discovered that the EMP is doing a screening of “Let’s Rock Again!” at their JBL Theater, with Dick Rude coming to talk about Joe and the film and answer questions. Next, imagine me prying open the sealed window of my McCorporate office with only a pencil and a stapler (a red Swingline, of course) and attempting to throw myself out it when I learned that yes, said screening and talk will occur next week, while I am off somewhere driving the West Coast. Not nice, not nice at all! >>>Insert expletives here, and I mean *way* more than I normally use.<<< ***** EXCLUSIVE AREA SCREENING AND Q&A SESSION WITH DOCUMENTARIAN DICK RUDE! Wednesday, July 5th 7:30pm JBL Theater FREE LET’S ROCK AGAIN! is an intimate and fascinating portrait of JOE STRUMMER — the undisputed pioneer of punk and legendary frontman for The Clash. Directed by filmmaker and long-time Strummer friend Dick Rude, LET’S ROCK AGAIN! provides an insider’s view including touching personal interviews, revealing backstage footage shot in the 18 months leading up to Strummer’s death in 2002. The film begins with a montage of Strummer’s illustrious start as frontman for the iconic punk band The Clash and moves into his life years later as the documentary hits the road with Strummer’s new band The Mescaleros. Before the film, Dick will screen XEROX BABIES, a short documentary on the seminal first five years of LA Punk. Dick Rude will be available and in-person for a Q&A session after the screening. Please join us for this very exclusive and rockin’ opportunity! ***** Anyway, if you're in town, you really MUST go see this. I can't implore you enough, and you will truly thank me later. If you go, let me know what you thought, and let me know more about the Xerox Babies doc, which I've also been waiting impatiently to see. And maybe I'll throw the DVD into my suitcase for the roadtrip — watching it at the house in Joshua Tree, where we can throw the doors wide open, grab some beer and blast the sound as loud as we like, might be just the thing.


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