The best glam soundtrack ever?

Just noticed this item on, and am still in disbelief that it will actually happen: 

"Love, Love Will Bring Lou Reed, David Bowie, and Iggy Pop Together Again”

Anton Corbijn is trying to blow our minds. It would have been exciting enough to hear that the renowned music video director is directing Control, a biopic about dearly departed Joy Division frontman, Ian Curtis, but he’s not stopping there. New Order fansite World in Motion reports that the film’s soundtrack will feature contributions from a truly stellar cast of musicians, including (and I’m going to break these down into bite-size pieces for you, so you don’t choke on them):

David Bowie
Iggy Pop
Lou Reed
Roxy Music
Sex Pistols

New Order themselves will score the film’s soundtrack, which will also include songs by (duh) Joy Division and that band’s predecessor, Warsaw.

The movie, which (according to
IMDB) will be shot in black and white, is set to start filming on July 10. Those of you who are keeping score will realize that’s only about two weeks from now. At this point, it seems appropriate to mention how much it sucks that movies take time to make. I mean, I think I could handle waiting two weeks for this movie to come out, but two weeks plus the months it will take to shoot, edit, and put the publicity machine in motion? What the hell am I supposed to do until then, Anton Corbijn, huh? Screen Velvet Goldmine for my glam rock fix? Fill in the gaps with videos from Corbijn’s Director’s Label until my eyeballs explode from overstimulation? Watch 24 Hour Party People?

Well, okay. I guess I can handle that."

Here’s hoping Corbijn can hold this crew together, for what could potentially be one of the best soundtracks every compiled. Period.


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