Cheap Trick’s new record streaming on VH1

Just received a note that Cheap Trick’s upcoming record Rockford is streaming on VH1 right now, here:

While I’m usually kind of prehistoric about these things and like to wait to the record’s physical release date (which is June 6th in this case) in regards to a band like CT, I’ll probably cave and end up over there listening to it anyway, especially since it may include a tiny favorite called ‘O Claire’. A long weekend of absolutely unbelievable ROCK shows has weakened my ability to resist listening to guitars of any sort, and since I can’t fly out to be with the bands I want to hear right now, perhaps this will tide me over, and help ease what I’m missing. Or not.

If you give it a listen, let me know what you think.

C’mon, July, c’mon.


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