A first taste of Powder Burns

This morning, I finally had a chance to download The Twilight Singers’ “Powder Burns”, something that for various reasons, I could not do yesterday when I found out that they had released it early to iTunes.

After spending nearly the whole day listening to it here at work, I know this one’s going to be with me for a long, long time — likely forever. It’s like I can feeling it working its way into my cellular structure, adhering to similar feelings already there and creating something new at the same time. It’s a remarkable thing.

Expansive, textured, epic, powerful unlike anything else out there, this one’s breaking new ground and showing itself to be one helluva new idea. It’s so damn rare these days to hear something that’s infused with the past but is all about the future, and what’s to come in music.

I’m getting so antsy having to listen to in on my my crappy work earbuds, that I can’t wait to get home, get in the car, and drive around with this — it needs motion and big speaker sound. I’ve a feeling it’s going to be *perfect* for the night driving portions of my upcoming road trips.

Many thanks guys, for providing me with sounds I didn’t know I truly needed, until I pressed play this morning. It’s as though I didn’t know how hungry I was for good food, until you laid a feast out on the table in front of me, my friends pulled up chairs too, and the wine kept pouring.

So, again, thank you.


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