The Henry Rollins Show premieres this week

A show that I’ve been waiting impatiently for is finally returning in its revamped form, beginning this Saturday: The Henry Rollins Show, on IFC. I’m not a huge fan of movie review shows, and this is the only one that’s ever caught my attention and compelled me to keep watching.

Yes, IFC did have a show with Henry that aired monthly last year, called “Henry’s Film Corner”. Apparently, they’ve tweaked the format to include musical performances by a cool variety of folks, and more time for Henry’s spoken word, (which is always welcome here), and have upped it from a monthly show to weekly. I do hope they’ve kept his friend Heidi for on-air appearances, as watching her keep Henry slightly off balance was always massively fun.

The debut episode this week will include an interview with Oliver Stone, and a live performance by Sleater-Kinney — footage of which IFC has kindly added to their website for your viewing pleasure now:

Live performances by John Doe, Jurassic 5, Ben Folds, DCFC,and others are shown briefly in the preview video on that page. I’m so damn thrilled that there’s finally going to be a TV show in America that will allow musicians to play their entire songs and not worry about content or replacing swear words. It’s about fucking time!


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